Frequently Asked Questions

These questions will be updated frequently. If you have a question that is not listed feel free to give us a call at 385-383-0123, or email us at

Yes! We have several programs that either don’t require a down payment or can help with the down payment. Every person’s situation is different. Please reach out so we can see if you qualify for these programs!
This is totally dependent on the loan type. Currently, we have some programs that require at least a 600 credit score while other require a 620 or 660. Call us and we can see if you qualify for any of our programs. If your credit is not above a 600 or you want to raise your score, we can connect you with credit repair or help you come up with a credit improvement plan through Fairway’s Credit Tool to get you on the path to home ownership
There are many factors that go into what is possible, but by law, we can’t close a loan in anything under 8 days. In a normal market, it is typical that a loan would take roughly 30 days. In busier markets, 3 weeks is the norm. Jumbo and USDA loans generally take about 45 days, but most loans can be rushed when needed. If someone needs a loan done quickly, they may incur additional rush fees for an appraisal that needs to be finished before the normal timeframe.
No. We use the credit of whomever is on the loan. We have to use the credit score of whomever has the lowest, middle credit score as we pull from 3 bureaus. If we want to use the income for the loan, that same person will have to have their credit used for the loan.
No. All funds used for down payment must be verifiable and seasoned. Seasoning is showing that the money has been in a bank account for at least 2 months and isn’t from an unknown deposit source. If you have “mattress money”, it would need to be in the bank for 2+ months for us to be able to use it towards a down payment* *additional requirements may apply

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