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Things you may hear Allison say: "For the love" "You guys!" "It is what it is" "We'll figure it out"

Allison Olsen

My Story Allison is the “Willy Wonka” of the mortgage world and loves all things candy.  After being in the industry for 10+ years, she decided that the mortgage industry was boring and needed some color.  This is how Loans Can Be FUN was born!  No longer a lemming, she blazed her own trail focusing [...]

Trevor Williamson

My Story Trevor is Allison’s “Igor”. He is able to help clients quickly and effectively choose the best loan program for them. He goes by many names in the office including IT Support, Boss Man (which he doesn’t like), T-Rev, and Trixie Pretty Pants.  He is fluent in sarcasm and his favorite candy is Riesens [...]

Nicole Hutchins

My Story Nicole was born and raised in Utah. She has a background in interior design. She is a wife to her hunk of burnin’ love whom she met in 7th grade math class. She is a Mom to four kids and many animals. She loves to be outside working in her yard. Nicole enjoys [...]

Brandi Noyce

My Story Brandi was born and bred in the small Idaho town of Rupert, Idaho. As a small critter, her family moved to Brigham City, Utah, where she went to school and graduated from Box Elder High school. As a youth, she spent weeks at a time with her grandparents in Heyburn, Idaho. Her papa [...]

Ashley Scotting

My Story Ashley was born and raised in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, (which is very apparent from her Minnesotan accent if you catch her on the phone). Her family had a small hobby farm where they had horses, cows, and chickens. Growing up surrounded by lots of boy cousins and brothers, Ashley was [...]

Shancie Ta’ala

My Story Fancy Shancie, AKA the “Loans Can Be FUN Happiness Guru” has been in the mortgage industry since 2013, and received her Mortgage Loan Originator license in 2019. She helps the team with pre-qualifications and client care.  Shancie loves what she does because she knows how important it is to have a place to [...]

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