Ashley Scotting

Things you may hear Ashley say: "Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick" "C'est la vie" "Scorpios ruin my life"


My Story

Ashley was born and raised in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, (which is very apparent from her Minnesotan accent if you catch her on the phone). Her family had a small hobby farm where they had horses, cows, and chickens. Growing up surrounded by lots of boy cousins and brothers, Ashley was dubbed the label of “tomboy” and to this day still exhibits some of those traits.

Ashley loves to run and is currently training for a marathon, which she hopes to accomplish by 2022. Other than running, Ashley also loves to rollerblade, travel, and try new restaurants, (anywhere with seafood is a win in her book). If she’s not doing any of these activities, you can almost always find her on the couch cuddled up with her cat, Goose, watching “The Office”.

Her pet peeves include bad grammar, people who say “sure” instead of a definitive “yes”, and slow drivers. Ashley has a few weird talents, one of which is that she’s double-jointed in her shoulders, allowing her to touch her elbows behind her back as well as dislocate her shoulders and bring her arms over her head and entirely around her body while keeping her hands together. She can also burp the alphabet…but nobody wants to hear that.

Ashley is a 3rd generation Mortgage Banker, with her grandmother and mother both preceding her. She got her start in the mortgage industry during her senior year of high school, working as a File Starter for her grandmother’s branch of Fairway in Bloomington, Minnesota. After high school, she attended the University of St. Thomas, where she studied psychology and philosophy while continuing to work at Fairway as both a Loan Officer Assistant and Loan Processor. A fun fact: To date, she has eight family members that have worked for/currently work for Fairway, including her mother and two of her six siblings.

Ashley’s current position is Branch Processor, a job that encompasses a lot of different tasks. She works as a liaison between borrowers, their loan officer, (Allison), and the underwriter – reviewing your loan application and all of your documentation to make sure that it’s all correct and exactly what the underwriter needs. In her position, she not only reviews your documentation for accuracy, but also helps to keep everything running on schedule for closing.

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