Brandi Noyce

Things you may hear Brandi say: "I'm gonna go mama bear crazy on...." "Son of a swear word" "If it's not on my calendar its not going to happen"


My Story

Brandi was born and bred in the small Idaho town of Rupert, Idaho. As a small critter, her family moved to Brigham City, Utah, where she went to school and graduated from Box Elder High school.

As a youth, she spent weeks at a time with her grandparents in Heyburn, Idaho. Her papa (grandpa) runs a cattle farm with around 80 head of Black Angus cattle. She learned to drive as a youngster on his farm. Once, when her papa was burning ditch banks, he had her drive the truck and follow him. Because she could barely reach the pedals and look over the dashboard, she followed her papa right into one of the ditch banks. Her obsession with hard work and determination stems back to these early years working on the farm and putting in long days on Grannie’s 3/4-acre garden.

When she wasn’t at her grandparents’ house, she was at home taking care of her seven younger brothers and sisters. This was no easy feat! She had one sister that would paint “I hate my mother”, another sister that super glued her hand to the dishwasher, another that put her hand through a glass window, and another that decided to scalp herself accidentally when she tried to cut her own hair.

As an adult, her preferences have matured, (a little). Her go-to fast food is Burger Bar in Roy, Utah. If she goes to Olive Garden, she always orders chicken parmesan even though she likes many other things on the menu.  Her husband and children would probably call her a “neat-freak”, but she prefers the term orderly.  Her love of order extends to her car. She cannot stand to have a dirty car, either inside or outside. One of her greatest pet peeves is when people do not return shopping carts to the cart return.

Brandi is double-jointed in her elbows and can scratch her own back easily.  Another unusual thing is her rubber fingers. Imagine being able to pull your index finger backwards to touch your wrist – well, she can do that.

Now a bit more serious, her job title is Junior Processor. This includes processing disclosures, collecting needed documentation, ordering title work and insurance policies, as well as processing loans. In general, she is a processor with training wheels, but is amazing on her training wheels!

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