Nicole Hutchins

Things you may hear Nicole say: "Are you freaking kidding me?" "There is no freaking way!" "That's Delit-chis!"


My Story

Nicole was born and raised in Utah. She has a background in interior design. She is a wife to her hunk of burnin’ love whom she met in 7th grade math class. She is a Mom to four kids and many animals. She loves to be outside working in her yard. Nicole enjoys wake-surfing and spending time in Lake Powell. One day, she would like to live in London, England.

She starts every day with a cup of coffee(sometimes two). She loves to eat sushi and drink Diet Coke. Nicole has some amazing dance moves. She chews two pieces of gum at one time, and always has her nails painted.

Nicole is a tooth snob.  She’s not a fan when people pull through parking stalls.  She is severely claustrophobic and clutter stresses her out.  Nicole wishes they would bring back Oregon Trail and the 80’s.  Her motto is “Happy is as happy does!”

One of our favorite stories about Nicole is how she and her husband ended up dating. They were both at a party and at the time, her future husband had a girlfriend.  Somehow, Nicole and her future husband ended up on the patio together…alone…while his girlfriend was inside.  They had both been interested in each other at different times and it hadn’t lined up before.  So, Nicole suggested that they kiss just to see if they both liked it.  And the rest is history.

Nicole loves a good challenge, is a good friend, FUNNY, outgoing, and detail oriented.

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