Shancie Ta’ala

Things you may hear Shancie say: "Hashtag Winning!" "oookkaaaayy" "That's fair"


My Story

Fancy Shancie, AKA the “Loans Can Be FUN Happiness Guru” has been in the mortgage industry since 2013, and received her Mortgage Loan Originator license in 2019. She helps the team with pre-qualifications and client care.  Shancie loves what she does because she knows how important it is to have a place to call your own.

Shancie loves to sing and sang with the Utah Symphony once.  She also loves to ride horses and used to compete in 3 day eventing.  Shancie is also learning Korean and would love to visit South Korea someday.  She played volleyball in school and is fluent in sign language. She is extremely competitive.

She loves all things salty (because she’s salty) The dead sea ain’t got nothing on her (and this sentence hurts Allison, but it’s funny).  Shancie feels most comfortable in an oversized hoodie and thinks pants are overrated.  She loves sushi and chicken wings.  Her favorite dessert is cheesecake.

Her world revolves around her son, her two pups, and her family. She loves all things adoption, being one of five adopted children in her big family. She loved DIY home improvement projects, hanging out with her son, and all food that involves potatoes (especially a good French fry).

Shancie loves all animals. She is teaching her dog to do search and rescue.  She also thinks she would be a good candidate for but we think she’s way too fancy for that!

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