Weekend Update


Market Update

  • Quarterly 1 GDP shows growth of 1.6% instead of the 2.5% estimated. 
  • Personal spending rose 2.5% instead of 3%.
  • Pending home sales rose 3.4% in March, expected is .3% 
  • PCE comes out today, but prediction is that is will decline from 2.8 to 2.7%.  
  • NAR forecasts housing starts will rise in 2024 and even more in 2025.  
  • Initial jobless claims fell 5000 to 207,000 and long term claims decreased as well.  


Used care prices fell .1 year over year and fell .8% in February. Car sales play into inflation numbers

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Bonds are a little down right now so we recommend locking at the moment Congressional Budget Office says the deficit is no 1.6 T. They think it will increase 60% in the next 10 years if nothing was added. That is extremely unlikely.

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