Weekend Update


Market Update

  • There is not a ton of news for this week, but the big CPI report comes out next week.  
  • Barry Habib is predicting that the year-over-year number for the headline CPI number is predicted to go from 3.475 to 3.5 which is the wrong direction, but the core CPI which strips out food and energy is predicted to go from 3.797 to 3.64 which is heading in the right direction.  
  • Oil prices came down this month a little, but were up a little this past week.  
  • I’ll update you next week once I get the updated numbers!


Used care prices fell .1 year over year and fell .8% in February. Car sales play into inflation numbers

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Bonds are a little down right now so we recommend locking at the moment Congressional Budget Office says the deficit is no 1.6 T. They think it will increase 60% in the next 10 years if nothing was added. That is extremely unlikely.

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