Weekend Update


Market Update

  • The market is going back and forth.  We make some progress and then it reverses.  
  • S&P global index (covers manufacturing and services, but excludes retail) shows stronger numbers than expected.  However, you and I know that retailers seem to be struggling.  
  • Barry Habib says that it’s likely that the Feds won’t decrease rates until unemployment gets to 4.1-4.2%.
  • Consumer spending is just barely starting to slow.
  • Credit Card usage has hit record highs.
  • The “buy now/pay later” accounts have a 43% delinquency rate right now.  
  • Car insurance and Shelter costs are the major two items causing inflation to be high and the government doesn’t have much control over these.
  • New home sales for April are were down 8.5% month-over-month.  Median home price is $434,000 because a lot of people sold their lower priced homes. 


-PCE (personal consumption expenditures) shows all-in inflation rose .3% for the month which was expected.

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Used care prices fell .1 year over year and fell .8% in February. Car sales play into inflation numbers

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Bonds are a little down right now so we recommend locking at the moment Congressional Budget Office says the deficit is no 1.6 T. They think it will increase 60% in the next 10 years if nothing was added. That is extremely unlikely.

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